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Creekview Estates HOA

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~Neighborhood News~
**Fireworks In Creekview Estates & Creekview Forest Is Prohibited**
With all of the problems that we’ve had throughout the years concerning the use of fireworks in our subdivisions, we are forced to take this matter more seriously because homeowners want to enjoy the 4th and other holidays without fearing for the safety of their homes, children, vehicles, pets and so-forth.

If you read our CC&R’s you’ll see the following: The use and discharge of firecrackers and other fireworks is prohibited within the Creekview Estates and Creekview Forest Properties. We’ll be enforcing a $250 fine to all homeowners that continue to violate these rules; this will be for each incident reported. We have already spoken with the Management Company and they are in complete agreement that this needs to be in place.

This is also completely illegal within the City of San Antonio as well. Officer Scott Boehm with the Prue Road Police Substation along with Constable Mark Vojvodich will also be helping to assist our subdivisions and other surrounding subdivisions as well and ticket these homeowners and seize all illegal fireworks.

If a homeowner should hear or see this happening they will need to write down the address of the violator(s) and also call the San Antonio Police Non-Emergency number at 210.207.7273, if it turns out to be an emergency situation they’ll call 911 as per Officer Scott Boehm’s recommendations.

If the San Antonio Police Department are too overwhelmed, then please call Constable Mark Vojvodich at 210.335.4750 and report the same information to him as above.
**Constables Information**
Contact Constable Mark Vojvodich with Precinct 3 when the SAPD many be too busy.
Office: 210.335.4750
Home and Yard Improvement, Maintenance, Roofs, Fences, Decks and So Forth Applicants
Applicant Hereby Warrants that Applicant Shall Assume Full Responsibility For:

1. All landscaping, grading, and/or drainage issues relating to said improvements
2. Obtaining all required State or County approvals relating to said improvements and comply with all applicable State and County ordinances
3. Any damage to adjoining property, common Area or injury to third persons associated with improvement
4. Work is not to begin until homeowner receives a formal approval letter from Fitchwood Management.
5. Homeowner accepts full liability for any unapproved / premature improvements and may be required to remove unapproved improvements.
6. The ACC approval is good for 6 months from approval date.
Homeowners are subject to a cumulative weekly fine of $250 for any exterior work done to their home or yards without prior ACC approval plus any and all required documents must be received before any type of work may be started.
**Protect Your Home**
Your oak trees are valuable and each increases the value of your home and property. Estimates vary but most agree each is worth $7000 to $10,000.
Individuals or companies that perform such services are required to be licensed by the city. To be licensed they receive special training on proper pruning and how to protect your trees from diseases like oak wilt. Oak wilt is a disease that is devastating areas just to the north of San Antonio.
Unlicensed individuals that go “door to door” often do not properly clean their tools between jobs and can spread diseases like oak wilt to your healthy trees. Once infected there is little that can be done and the infection will spread to your neighbors. If that happens you may be liable for the damage and loss of value to your neighbor’s property.
Unlicensed tree trimmers that go “door to door” are also rarely bonded, insured, covered by liability insurance or have worker’s comp insurance. If they are damage your neighbor’s property or are injured on your property you may held liable for the damages and required to pay their healthcare expenses.
**Proof of City Permits are Very Important to Buyers**
Did you know that when you put your home up for sale and you did not get the required permits for work done to your home or yard, you may not be able to sell.
If you don’t disclose this, then you can be sued when the new buyer finds out, because the city will look at the new owner to pay for any permits and fines.
**No Street Parking At All**
Street parking is not allowed and there are no exceptions plus all large vehicles that need temporary parking will need to park in the pool parking lot.
You will need to contact Ryan Gold with Goodwin Management before doing so because it will be towed if not.
Did you know that when you incorrectly enter your number into the keypad then try it several mores times, the keypad will lock you out.  By doing this the keypad will need to reset and depending on how many times this was done, it could take as long as 3-minutes.
If you give out your number to friends and family please info them about this and then we wont have so many backed up vehicles at the entrance gates especially during the holidays. 
**Solar Gate Lights**
Homeowners will notice (2) silver with red solar lights on the entrance and exit gates of both subdivisions.  These solar lights will hopefully help all drivers see the gates better and avoid hitting them.  You will also see (1) of the same type light on the outside of the keypads in both subdivisions a well.  We understand that nothing can truly stop vehicles from driving through the gates but this should help to some degree.  
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~Upcoming Events~
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~Prue Road Bridge Information~

~City Councilman~
Manny Pelaez was elected to the San Antonio's City Council for District 8 in June 2017 and can be contacted at
If you have questions email Laura Garza at Laura.Garza@sanantonio.gov and then call her a few days later to follow up at (210) 207-0940

~Surrounding Area Information~
The Greenbelt belongs to the City of San Antonio and any tree removal in the greenbelt shall be coordinated through the City Arborist plus a tree permit is generally required. If you have any questions concerning this please contact Mark C. Bird (DSD) at Mark.Bird@sanantonio.gov
Stay informed by registering or updating your email, phone number(s) and contact information too receive important information that’s happening around the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

~Homeowner Information~
**2018 Pool Season**
Dear Homeowner,
The pool will be opening on May 25, 2018, the Friday before Memorial Day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily with the exception of Monday and Thursday mornings, as pool will be cleaned and treated.  On these days it will be closed until 1:00 pm.  We will be using the same codes for the pool keypad that were used last year.  If you need your code you can either call Ryan Gold at 210.422.6151 or email him at ryan.gold@goodwintx.com or send an email to cv.hoa.acc@gmail.com.
Children 13-years of age and under "MUST" be accompanied by a 16-year old before entering the pool area.  Pool monitors will be on site for assistance of signing in, but they are not lifeguards.  Please help to insure the safety of everyone by keeping an eye on your loved ones.
All homeowners must make sure that their accounts are up-to-date prior to the pool opening to assure their code is working.  The office will be closed during the weekend and the pool monitors will not have access to your personal information.
     **Required Info in Your CC&R's**
11 .7: Registration with the Association. Each and every Owner, Member and Resident shall have an affirmative duty and obligation to originally provide, and thereafter revise and update, within fifteen (15) days after a material change has occurred, the following information: (a) the full name and address of each Owner, Member and Resident, (b) the business address, occupation and telephone numbers of each Resident; (c) the description and license plate number of each automobile owned or used by a Resident and brought within the Property, and (d) such other information as may be reasonably requested from time to time by the Association .
In the event any Owner, Member or Resident fails, neglects or refuses to so provide, revise and update such information, then the Association may, but is not required to, use whatever means it deems reasonable and appropriate to obtain such information and the offending Owner, Member and Resident shall become automatically jointly and severally liable to promptly reimburse the Association for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in so doing.
**Complaints About Solicitors**
This is from Scott Boehm Our S.A.F.F.E Officer
I've been receiving complaints about solicitors.
I had a meeting w/ the Municipal Court City Attorney, and this is the information I got:
The US Supreme Court heard a case 2 yrs ago regarding this issue.
They ruled that UNGATED subdivisions could not restrict people from soliciting on public streets and going door to door.

However, individual homeowners can post No Soliciting signs at their homes. If a solicitor comes onto his/her property, the solicitor would be in violation of the law-Criminal Trespass.

Solicitors still have to have a license to solicit, w/exception of religious organizations.

In GATED subdivisions, the HOA can put up No Soliciting signs. The roads in a GATED community are private, and the gate serves as notice of No Trespassing, as does the No Soliciting sign. Therefore, solicitors would be in violation of the law-No Trespassing

If people are concerned, they can still call the police and we will determine if the people have permits to solicit.
If they don't, they'll be cited and escorted out of the community.  Be reminded, religious organizations don't need a permit.
Police Non-Emergency Phone Number
**ACC Request**
You Are Required To Submit An ACC Request For Any And All Exterior Home Improvements, Front or Backyard Improvement, Maintenance, Painting, Roofs, Fences, Windows, Decks, Garage Door(s), Tree Removal,  Planting and So Forth.
Email All Documents Concerning your ACC Requests To cv.hoa.acc@gmail.com
Needed Documents Differ From Each One But Here Are Some Examples:
Your ACC Request, Proof of Contractor(s)Insurance, Permits If Needed, Surrounding Neighbor Agreement Letter If Needed And Any Change Requests To Your Original ACC Request.
Failure to submit or comply with your ACC Request or if any changes are made without resubmitting an updated change request plus failure to supply all required documents before the work is started will result in the standard weekly cumulative fine of $250.00 plus any additional fines and fees.